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All Poems Great and Small

Written for National Poetry Day 2011 by Ian Moore, illustrated by Mike Dicey
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All words bright and beautiful,
All poems great and small.
All things rhyme and rhythmical,
We celebrate them all!

Struggling with the school-work,
Or grazing on the plain.
Swinging through the tree-tops,
Sports Day in the rain.

All that walks or talks or crawls,
Broad or short or tall.
Human-kind or animal,
We celebrate them all…

Poems Make my World go Round -  Mike Dicey

Banana Family -  Mike Dicey

The Banana Family

taken from ‘Poems, Beans and Chips!’ by Ian Moore, illustrated by Mike Dicey

We’re the Banana Family,
Breakfast, dinner, lunch and tea.
Banana baguettes, banana vindaloo,
Bananas with beetroot and tiramisu.
Banana, egg and beans on toast,
Bananas with gravy on Sunday roast.
Spaghetti Bologbanana, Banana with peas,
“Could you pass the banana ketchup please?”
Bananas, bananas for eternity!
We’re the Banana Family.

The Hunter -  Mike Dicey

The Hunter

taken from ‘Poems, Beans and Chips!’ by Ian Moore, illustrated by Mike Dicey

I prowl across the patio,
A hunter in the dark.
As silent as a shadow,
Much meaner than a shark.

I creep around my kingdom,
I yearn to scratch and bite.
To hiss and howl and disembowel,
I’m master of the night!

Until… Oh help! Please, not that sound!
The only thing I fear!
“Come on Fluffy! Come on puss!
Get yourself back ‘ere!”

Hey Diddle Duddle -  Mike Dicey

Hey Diddle Duddle.

by Ian Moore, illustrated by Mike Dicey

Hey diddle duddle,
The cat’s in a muddle.
She’s dancing like a baboon!

The purple pig laughed,
To see such fun!
And the fish flew away in a balloon.

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