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A bit about the book

'Poems, Beans & Chips!' is a vibrant collection of all sorts of different types of poems for children aged 5 to 10 (and lots of older readers love them too!). Described as charmingly illustrated, this 36-page A5 book is published by Moore Than Words LLP in paperback.

There are poems about being at school, such as ‘The Register’, ‘Where’s That Homework?’, and ‘I’m Not Good at Anything’.

You can devour poems about food, such as ‘The Banana Family’ and ‘Tentacles and Chips’.

As well as being a fun read for the children and containing poems to help deliver the Englishsee 'Poetry Tips' and PSHCE curriculum, this is a wonderful time-filler for teachers during those little odd slots in class. Also, there are lots of poems to be performed and acted by the adults and children alike, getting everyone involved.

Why not see (and read) some of the images below. There is also a ‘Search Inside’ feature on the Amazon store (go directly to our book on Amazon – and Waterstones – by clicking the links at the bottom left of the page).

There’s something here for everybody!

Go to ‘Our Poems’ page to see more recent poems written by Ian and illustrated by Mike.

We launched our book with a book-signing at The Bookstore in Abingdon, Oxfordshire on Saturday 27 November 2010, and it is now also available from the websites and book stores listed at the bottom left of this page.

Images of the book:


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