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Year 1 & 2 - Writing Poems

Year Group

Year 1 & 2

Time taken

50 mins



English (poetry)


Copied pet poems from 'Poems, Beans and Chips!' by Ian Moore, Mike Dicey: The Wild Hamster, Last in the Pet Shop, Part-Time Pets


  • You MUST use interesting words to tell us about when you were ill
  • You SHOULD invent new words for the poem
  • You COULD write a poem by using the same lines, introducing new words and extending the rhyming or alliterative pattern
  • SUPER-COULD! - write a poem based on personal or imagined experience linked to poems read


  • Singing – Three target More Able children to record some rhyming words on whiteboards
  • Phoneme Count – Show Me (fingers)


Read rhyming words from songs together. Say the poems, emphasising the rhyming words. Discuss different ways of performing poems, I Eat My Peas With Honey. Do all poems have to rhyme? Talking pairs to discuss dogs. Create class composition – I love dogs. Perform.

  • 4 less able to work with TA to draw some dogs. As a group write some ‘dog words and phrases’, focus on initial and final sounds (alphabet cards/mats). Swap groups.
  • More able read some pet poems independently and discuss some ideas for writing their own pet poem. Will it have alliteration, rhyming words or repetition? Brainstorm repeating phrase, rhyming words or alliterative pairs to use in a pet poem.
  • Remainder work with Teacher in mixed ability pairs to develop poem ‘I’m ill’ by substituting new lines.
  • Children complete child and adult-initiated activities as appropriate, leading to plenary.


Independent groups share their poems. Substitute dog words and phrases into class poem and perform. Ask children to self-assess against targets.


Words share the same letter or letters….

“Peter Piper picked a pickled pepper.”
“Ticklish Tyler took treasure to the toad.”
“Victoria vanished up the vent.”
“Elliott emptied every egg.”


Repeating lines

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