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Year 3 - Poetry Writing

Year Group

Year 3

Time taken

1hr 10mins



English (poetry)


Copied pet poems from 'Poems, Beans and Chips!' by Ian Moore, Mike Dicey: excerpts enlarged - Tentacles & Chips, The Banana Family, Ham, Egg & Chips, Biscuit Girl, When Brian Eats His Breakfast


Write a poem by using a repeating pattern, alliteration or by adding new words and lines to another poem.


Must-build up a group poem using a repeating refrain; Should-be able to write a new poem by substituting our own words and adding new lines with an adult’s help; Could-write a new poem by substituting our own words and adding new lines with a partner.


Phoneme count, stand-up/sit-down (writing target practise – connectives)


Main – Play Umbrella by Rihanna, ch move/dance in response – incorporate imaginative/rhythmic sequences. Perform chorus in a number of ways – singing/guitar, prayer, dramatic. Discuss. Repeat with I Eat My Peas with Honey (anon) – dramatise, sing, rap. Do all poems have to rhyme? Perform Biscuit Girl as a class and discuss repeating refrain and alliteration. Shared read of The Banana Family on IWB (www.poemsbeansandchips.co.uk: Our Poems).

  • Guided Writing – T: work with LA (Cobra, Cheetah) to create group poem ‘Food, food, we love food!’. Talking pairs discuss ideas together, use ch to illustrate how to build up the poem. Ch then write own phrases on mini-whiteboards, support with spelling strategies. Build up into a group poem to perform to the class. Ch then record ideas on writing frame.
  • Guided Writing – TA: work with MA (Eagle group). Read food poems and discuss which one to use to create a new poem by substituting new words and lines. Perform the poem and modify accordingly.
  • Independent Writing: HA (Scorpion, Dolphin). Working in pairs ch read food poems and choose how to perform them – rap, dramatic, sing, expressive. Perform to class then experiment with creating own new poems by substituting new words and lines.


Following from the mini-plenaries during the lesson, recap the learning so far and ask ch to self-assess their writing against WILF criteria. Ch to perform their new poems, others to explain its features, eg ‘I liked the alliteration/repeating refrain.’ What do we need to put into next Monday’s poetry lesson, what is our next-step learning?

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